how_troubesome (how_troubesome) wrote,

Is there any sanity in this village?

Apparently, sanity is nonesistant in this villiage, and it so happens to creep into my backyard as well.
During my afternoon nap outise I heard the bushes rustling behind my mother's carefully trimmed hedges. Being the inquisitive ninja that I am, I remaind where I was and lazily watched the bushes for the intruder to emerge.
I expected it to be a cat, or even that annoying pig Tonton had gone astray.
No, it was Rock Lee. Rock Lee in his birthday suit. Stealing my laundry.
I could only watch dumbstrucked as he flashed me his teeth heroically and gave me the 'thumbs up' with all three appandeges before selecting my mother's favorite green tablecloth (which is also a priceless family heirloom made by great-granny Nara herself) to wrap himself in a makeshift toga, then disappear again into the bushes.
My eye twitched habitally at the incident, for not only does it herald the unavoidable wrath of my bitchy mother, but it also means that it is time for me to hastily move out and escape said wrath. For as much as I love fine knitting, chasing down the highly physical Lee and the elusive tablecloth is far too troublesome, and careful calculations conclude that making a hasty getaway requires less effort. And I wouldn't want to eat off of that tablecloth again anyways.
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