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A free porn diary

I was wondering around this afternoon trying to familiarize myself with the new area, when I came across Genma enacting a dramatic monologue from an explicit diary he had stolen. I was...intrigued by this diary.

Genma noticed my intrest, and offerd to give it to me if I did some chicken moves. Being the stratigic ninja that I am, I decided to lure Genma into the dark alley under the pretense to 'perform' my chicken feats. The dark alley is full of shadows, my territory!

Obtaining the pornoriffic diary this way was troublesome, but I Nara Shikamaru will not perform any chicken dances for anyone but a dominatrix with stillito heels.

Right when I was about to perform said justsu of shadow binding, Genma displayed an uncharacteristic show of generosity by giving me the diary then and there, apparently out of pity (little did he know..) And then asked me to compete with him in shogi sometime. Why not? He seems like a decent fellow, and a lucky one.

I still gotta find Asuma, but in the meantime I should find the owner of that diary.

Then again, that said owner might mistake me as the theif, and then I would be in a world of hurt. Damn.
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