how_troubesome (how_troubesome) wrote,


I had returned from the A class mission Tsunade had assinged me to a couple of months ago. That hag had her croonies drag me out of bed in the middle of the night to go report to some remote backwaters town. Hell, I didn't have time to leave a note to my parents, let alone Asuma.

And speaking of which...while wandering around that same night I left my parent's home, I came across Asuma drunk and stumbling around. I know drunks, (my father being one) and Asuma's drinking habits were not unfamiliar to me, but his reaction upon seeing me threw me off a bit.

Asuma claims that he's not a 'relationship' sort of guy, but I get the feeling that he had really let himself go once I inexplicably disappeared.

Shit, I really need to sit down with him and explain. But not in his apartment, it stinks like deer piss from all the booze >_
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